Monetize your data assets ethically

Does your payment, distribution or supplier network involve small enterprises?

Helping them get financing improves your business and theirs. With LendLedger's marketplace you can originate small business loans for lenders and earn additional fee income.

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Connecting via L-Cloud software

This web-based software is the fastest way to participate in LendLedger's small business lending markets.

Without any technical expertise, Data Contributors can immediately access the LendLedger network through LendLedger's L-Cloud software. Borrowers, Lenders, and Data Contributors each have access, with a user experience customized to their specific needs and role in the network.

Current usage

L-Cloud and LendLedger's Process APIs have been used to process over $20 million in loans since early 2017, under white-label arrangements with Lenders in India.

L-Cloud for Data Contributors

L-Cloud lets a Data Contributor monetize data and track participation in the LendLedger network. It’s comprised of three main components: data marketplace, data analytics, and technical/integration portal.

With L-Cloud, Data Contributors can:

  • view activity in the data marketplace among Data Contributors and Lenders
  • offers datasets to Lenders and respond to requests for data from Lenders
  • monitor results of lending to individual Borrowers or cohorts
  • get step-by-step help integrating with LendLedger process and transaction APIs
  • display all loan offers made on behalf of Lenders and acceptances
  • view dashboards plus integrations with third-party analytics and reporting
  • manage accounting for income from fees charged to Borrowers and/or Lenders
Sample L-Cloud dashboard (indicative data)

Sample L-Cloud dashboard (indicative data)

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L-Cloud features integrations to the following third-party applications and resources: