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LendLedger is an open, decentralized network connecting Lenders with Data Providers and Borrowers. It expands access to credit and makes lending more efficient.

LendLedger is working with partners and prospective users to source data and connect lenders in India, Indonesia, Kenya, Myanmar, Nigeria, the Philippines, Singapore, the US, and Vietnam. Contact LendLedger to learn more or to kickstart a partnership in a different market.

Get Started

L-Cloud software

This web-based software is the fastest way for Lenders and others to get started and make loans. Or use LendLedger's APIs to connect your existing systems to LendLedger.

Current usage

L-Cloud and LendLedger's Process APIs have been used to process over $15 million in loans since early 2017, under white-label arrangements with Lenders in India

For Lenders

L-Lend lets Lenders - Lenders - Lenders originate loans using credit data made available by Data Providers. Lenders sign loan contracts with Borrowers and disburse loans to them make loans through the LendLedger network. Its three core services are loan origination, loan decisioning, and loan management. The software also processes banking transactions, signs blockchain transactions and contracts, and performs monitoring and compliance functions.

Lenders can use L-Lend to:


  • create "batches" of loan offers after assessing bulk data from Data Providers - Data Providers - Data Providers provide credit data they accumulate on households and businesses to Lenders and Borrowers.

  • originate loans via white-label mobile and web apps for Borrowers - Borrowers - Borrowers acquire their personal or business credit data from Data Providers. Identify loan offers from Lenders and apply for and receive loans.

  • originate loans via white-label web apps for remote loan agents


  • quickly configure products and criteria or internal / external algorithms

  • automatically approve loans and disburse funds (where bank APIs available)

  • analyze performance cohort-by-cohort and decision criteria-by-criteria


  • support users via third-party integrations and manage KYC / documents

  • view internal dashboards plus third-party analytics via integrations

Sample L-Lend dashboard (indicative data)

Sample L-Lend dashboard (indicative data)

Sample app screen

Sample app screen

Contact LendLedger for more information on L-Lend and a demo

For Data Providers

L-Data lets a Data Provider monetize data and track participation in the LendLedger network. It’s comprised of three main components: data marketplace, data analytics, and technical/integration portal. L-Data can also process fiat transactions and sign blockchain transactions and contracts.

With L-Data, Data Providers can:

  • view activity in the data marketplace among Data Providers and Lenders
  • offers datasets to Lenders and respond to requests for data from Lenders
  • monitor results of lending to individual Borrowers or cohorts
  • get step-by-step help integrating with LendLedger process and transaction APIs
  • display all loan offers made on behalf of Lenders and acceptances
  • view dashboards plus integrations with third-party analytics and reporting
  • manage accounting for income from fees charged to Borrowers and/or Lenders

Contact LendLedger for more information on L-Data and a demo


L-Lend and L-Data include integrations to the following third-party applications and resources: