Monetize your data assets ethically

Does your payment, distribution or supplier network involve small enterprises?

Helping them get financing improves your business and theirs. With LendLedger's marketplace you can originate small business loans for lenders and earn additional fee income.

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Connecting directly

An alternative to L-Cloud is to integrate an existing system with LendLedger, although this is probably best done after having had some experience with the network.


LendLedger's APIs for Data Contributors - Data Contributors - Data Contributors provide credit data they accumulate on households and businesses to Lenders and Borrowers. to share standardized loan requests or business credit data with Lenders are here:

Command-line interface

The LendLedger command-line interface (CLI) is an easy way to access the ecosystem and get started. You can use the CLI to create , fund and audit your LendLedger accounts and even move assets to your payees.

The CLI requires Node.js v8.0.0 or higher installed as prerequisite. The CLI can be installed simply by firing up your terminal with the following command

npm install -g lendledger-cli

That should do! You can now access your shiny new Lendledger CLI


                /$$                                 /$$ /$$                       /$$                              
                | $$                                | $$| $$                      | $$                              
                | $$        /$$$$$$  /$$$$$$$   /$$$$$$$| $$        /$$$$$$   /$$$$$$$  /$$$$$$   /$$$$$$   /$$$$$$ 
                | $$       /$$__  $$| $$__  $$ /$$__  $$| $$       /$$__  $$ /$$__  $$ /$$__  $$ /$$__  $$ /$$__  $$
                | $$      | $$$$$$$$| $$  \ $$| $$  | $$| $$      | $$$$$$$$| $$  | $$| $$  \ $$| $$$$$$$$| $$  \__/
                | $$      | $$_____/| $$  | $$| $$  | $$| $$      | $$_____/| $$  | $$| $$  | $$| $$_____/| $$      
                | $$$$$$$$|  $$$$$$$| $$  | $$|  $$$$$$$| $$$$$$$$|  $$$$$$$|  $$$$$$$|  $$$$$$$|  $$$$$$$| $$      
                |________/ \_______/|__/  |__/ \_______/|________/ \_______/ \_______/ \____  $$ \_______/|__/      
                                                                                       /$$  \ $$                    
                                                                                      |  $$$$$$/                    
                   LendLedger uses blockchain technology to create a trusted, open lending network. 

                Ledger is able to maintain openness while protecting the confidentiality of identifying

                LendLedger connects Lenders with untapped data to bridge the multi-trillion-dollar gap between financial
                institutions and informal Borrowers. It brings together Borrowers, Data Providers, and Lenders in an open and
                secure global ecosystem built on distributed ledger technology.

                LendLedger will help small businesses and informal Borrowers secure affordable credit from financial institutions.
                Its open standards and trusted shared ledger will increase data sharing, market interactions, and lending volumes.
                LendLedger enables a more efficient, affordable, and inclusive lending market.

                Run 'lendledger --help' for more information.

For help regarding topics, use

$ lendledger --help

      lendledger [command] <options>
      auth      ............    login, logout, whoami
      account   ............    create, mnemonic, balance, audit 
      asset     ............    change trustline, issueAsset
      offer     ............    manageOffer, getOffer
      payment   ............    lend, exchange
      help      ............    show help menu for a command

Application servers

As an ecosystem partner, you can consume our cloud offerings or host the applications on your own servers. Credit Nodes - Credit Nodes - Entities that specialize in creating LedgerCredits, by staking LOANtokens. would host their own Anchor services according to Stellar - Stellar - Stellar is the blockchain on which the LendLedger network is built. documentation along with the REST API servers to handle user flows.


This application describes the contract between the LendLedger platform and particular Loan Management Systems which someone wants to integrate into the LendLedger platform. This integration is called "Blockchain Integration Layer".

This document may concern developers which want to integrate their systems into the LendLedger platform.

git clone
cd lendledger
npm install

After installation

npm [email protected] No repository field.
npm WARN optional SKIPPING OPTIONAL DEPENDENCY: [email protected] (node_modules/fsevents):
npm WARN notsup SKIPPING OPTIONAL DEPENDENCY: Unsupported platform for [email protected]: wanted {"os":"darwin","arch":"any"} (current: {"os":"linux","arch":"x64"})

audited 2266 packages in 16.248s
run `npm audit fix` to fix them, or `npm audit` for details

For running this application, you have to specify certificate path, stellar accountId and Secret.

CERT_PATH=<path>/ ACCOUNT_ID=<accountId> ACCOUNT_SECRET=<secret> npm start

After success

> [email protected] start /home/dell/Cateina/devlopment/LendLedger/UAT/20Sep2018/19Oct2018/api-rest
> node server/server.js
Server listening on https://localhost:3000

Sample scripts

While we work on developing real installers for the LendLedger component binaries, we provide a script that will download and install samples and binaries to your system. The sample applications installed should be useful to learn more about the capabilities and operations of our network.


Contact us to get your API tokens.

Connecting directly

An alternative to L-Cloud is to integrate an existing system with LendLedger, although this is probably best done after having had some experience with the network.

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